♥ – I Honor Myself for Starting This Blog!

by one humbly on the path

Today, I Honor Myself for coming up with the idea of starting this blog, and taking the initiative to do it.

I have found the practice of Honoring Self so incredibly powerful that I feel it must be shared. This simple exercise took me from a dark depression to renewed hope and possibility within 3 weeks’ time.

Each life is a journey. Our paths are different, but our destination is the same. This is a blog about one important aspect of our journey:

Loving the Self, Wholly and Completely, and Acknowledging that the Self is Deserving of Such Love.

Honoring the Self is the Regular Practice of:

Acknowledging some part of my life — a good habit maintained, a positive event, a new thought, a kind deed, an agreement kept, any small or large part of life that is pleasant, beautiful and/or desired — and allowing myself to feel true love and gratitude to myself for it. “I honor myself for….”

This blog is devoted to the practice of choosing to stop whatever I’m doing to actively honor myself on a daily basis, or perhaps two or three times per day. It is also devoted to your moments of Honoring. I hope we can inspire each other to love and value ourselves, and hence everyone we come in contact with, as fully as possible while in these humanly containers we’ve been given.