by one humbly on the path

Today, I honor myself for taking the time to do The Happiness Experiment. I’m finding that as the days and weeks pass, this could become a truly powerful exercise, and one worth continuing as a daily practice. (See below for a bit more on this.) I have at least five bound paper journals going; a couple for personal thoughts, a couple for making notes and research, and one for recording specific stories and events on a theme. But for my daily written practices, I love being online.  This blog is a testament to that!

Plus, I don’t have a set time put aside during which to write everyday. I do it as I get the chance. Given the mild chaos of my days, it’s the best I can do with what I have to work with.

My point in describing all of this is: I don’t have a written journal for The Happiness Experiment. No, it’d be scattered across a journal or two here and the backs of envelopes over there. I’ve chosen instead to designate one of my email accounts — one that I don’t use very often — as my “journal keeping” account. I send myself emails. That way, my entries are all in one place, easily searchable, and can be contributed to from literally everywhere.

My reason for sharing this point: If you find it difficult to write everyday, it might give you an idea about how to make having a daily written practice work for you. After all, not everyone (especially not me!) is capable of committing to this or this everyday.

(But hopefully, we all have at least one minute every day in which to think of a reason to honor ourselves, and shoot it off to ourselves in an email. 😉